Summer Break 2015

Finally, the spring semester has ended. I have never needed summer break more than I do now. I would like this to be a successful and productive summer. Now that I do not have to worry about school, which takes up most of my time, I will have more time to work on some personal goals.

Here are some things on my list to accomplish this summer:

  • Run a successful blog: I have wanted a blog for a few years. Currently I have two blogs and I would like to make them as successful as possible.
  • Read: Because I would like to become a novelist someday, I need to read and read and read.
  • Write: I would like to complete a rough draft of one of my novels this summer break.
  • YouTube: I have been practicing speaking in front of the camera so that I may someday start my YouTube journey.
  • Buy a new wardrobe: I am 22 and I still dress as if I am in high school! How embarrassing… I would like to have a more stylish wardrobe fit for someone my age.
  • Find a job: This summer I would like to fide a job and work full time! Now that it is summer there are many places hiring in my area.

Well, it looks like my summers is going to be quite busy. I cannot wait to see how much I will be able to accomplish by next semester. Wish me luck!


Spring 2015 Semester

I don’t believe I have mentioned that I’m currently working on getting a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and today was my first day back at ASU (Arizona State University) for the spring semester! This was supposed to be the semester I graduate with my bachelor’s degree. However, due to several changes in my degree of choice throughout my college life, I am a few semesters behind. I’m not too bothered by it though, after all college is not a race.

This semester I’m taking four classes that come out to be 14 credit hours. Two of my classes are online, one is a hybrid (half online), and one is normal. More specifically, I’m taking Organic Chemistry (4 credits), Human Anatomy & Physiology (4 credits), Web Development (3 credits), and an entrepreneur class called My Life Venture (3 credits). The last two classes I’m taking for fun and upper division credit hours. With a heavy schedule like this I need to be sure I manage my time properly, especially if I want to continue on with this blog! The good thing is that I have no class on Mondays which will aid me in getting my work done.

As I said today was my first day of class and I think it went rather well. I’m glad I was able to get everything organized and set up before my first day started…

My Work Station

I have organized my desk so that I may have the proper space to work and blog!

School Supplies

Here are my school supplies…

Other Back Pack Essentioals

Here are some essentials that I also carry in my back pack…

I would like to follow-up with some posts on how to manage time, study, stay organized, not procrastinate, etc. Thanks and wish me luck this semester!


My New Year’s Resolutions 2015

I meant to post this earlier however I have been sick this holiday season. I still made it to all the Christmas and New Year’s parties but I was miserable for most of them. This is not an ideal way for me to start out my New Year, however all is not lost! I will start my resolutions as soon as I’m better.

Here are my New Year’s resolutions straight from my notebook!

  1. Manage Time Better

How: Get priorities straight and take care of what is important first.

  1. Spend Money Wisely

How: Only purchase items that I NEED/LOVE, NOT items that I WANT/LIKE. If I don’t need it or I don’t absolutely love it, then I won’t buy it!

  1. Drink More Water

How: Choose water more often than not, and try to drink little amounts throughout the day.

  1. Make Life More Simple and Peaceful

How: Don’t buy a lot of junk, go to bed early, don’t work all the time, and make more time for hobbies and rest.

  1. Be Happy No Matter What!

How: No matter what happens, just find a way to be happy. Stop caring so much about things that don’t matter and stay positive.

  1. Think Before Speaking…

How: Learn to not blurt out everything that pops into your head! Instead think more about what you plan on saying and determine whether it’s a good idea to say. Not all that is thought inside your head needs to be said.

How To: New Year’s Resolutions 2015

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I try to make them as realistic as possible. I have to think about my lifestyle and set some goals that are doable, otherwise would fail within the first two weeks. I have to factor in what my class schedule and work schedule is going to be like and when I will fit this new goal into the time I will have available. If my resolution is not something that requires time (like working out), and requires me remembering to do a daily task (like taking a daily multi-vitamin), then I try to figure out how I can be more disciplined or how I can help myself to remember to complete such a task. This is why I spend a lot of time planning my new year’s resolutions. I want them to become a permanent part of my life. I want be sure I make promises I can keep with myself.

Did you know that this is the busiest time of year for gyms? I notice that some people just make a long list of things they want to achieve and end up failing within the first month or even the first two weeks. Perhaps it’s because nobody really thinks about their own lifestyle and how they can truly incorporate their goals into their current daily routine. Some people also don’t take into account the amount of work, time, and discipline that comes with some of their resolutions.

So here is a brief example of what I do when coming up with my New Year’s resolutions:

First I grab my notebook and pencil and write one of my goals down. Underneath that goal I write how I will achieve it. This is where you think about your day to day life and figure out how and when you will incorporate this into your schedule. Remember to put some time and thought into it before writing a quick summary of the resolution and how you will accomplish it.

Example New Years Resolutions`

From there it is up to you! How bad do you really want make your resolutions a success?


Quick Advice:

  • If you are like me, then you partied all night on New Year’s Eve and all day on New Year’s Day! You don’t have to start your resolutions on the 1st. Start your resolutions when your situation is right! If you are out of town, then start when you get back in town. If you are in college, like me, start your resolutions when the semester starts. The goal is not to be stressed out, and to ensure that your resolution becomes a success
  • Don’t make more than 10 Resolutions. You want to be able to successfully accomplish your goals without being overwhelmed
  • Remember that baby steps are much better than jumping right into the deep end! Ease your way in to your new lifestyle
  • Don’t make excuses, don’t give up, and don’t lie to yourself…
  • Remember, one bad day doesn’t ruin the whole year. There is always tomorrow!

I hope this will help you with your new lifestyle for 2015! I will be posting my New Year’s Resolutions as well. Good Luck this year!


I’m Back

Hello every one! I know it has been a while since my first post but I have been busy, of course. I have been busy with work, school, and other personal things. I hope to be able to post regularly and manage my time better, especially since the semester is over. Though I will be starting up school again in January, I still hope to have enough time to post regularly. Do check up on my pages as well, I will be adding new ones to them soon!

Also I’m pleased to announce that I will be starting a YouTube Channel as well! I will keep everyone updated here when I begin my YouTube journey!

Thanks and have a wonderful day!!!


New Blog

I have decided that I want to go in a new direction with my blog. I deleted my old blog on Blogger and now I’m here on WordPress with a fresh start. I really hope that this new direction will be more successful. Please click on the “About” page to learn more about what I plan on doing with this blog. I’m really excited for what this summer will bring.